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Pine Rush Villas

Located at the intersection of the Howard Franklin and Gandy Bridges, Pine Rush Villas is centrally located with an easy commute to all the Bay areas and only 15 minutes to Tampa International Airport. Within the City of St. Petersburg, PRV is just minutes from restaurants, schools and shopping.


The PRV Board has been hard at work with several improvements to our community. Here's just a small sample of the wonderful changes happening at Pine Rush Villas.

Stair Repairs

The board has been working hard to take care of some overdue maintenance issues before our required Milestone Structural Inspection. Work has been done on buildings 8, 18 and 7, and we're still going.

Cable Cleanup and Electrical Upgrades

The board has been working with various companies to get the messy cables cleaned up around the property. We've also had electrical updates done in order to get Citizen's insurance coverage to help keep our insurance costs down.

New Roofs

Pine Rush Villas has spent approximately $220,000 on much needed roof replacement so far in order to help us be eligible for the much more affordable Citizen's insurance. We will continue to replace more roofs as needed.


Tree Trimming and Pond Cleanup

Our board recently undertook a couple long needed landscaping projects of cleaning up the pond and trimming the trees. Looking much better around here!


New Management Company, New Website, and a FaceBook Group

In order to manage the community better and keep costs under control, the board changed management companies to Condominium Associates. We also created this new web site and a FaceBook group to try and improve the communication and keep everyone up to date.

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